Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pick Up Artist Santino dishes some dating tips for woman

A couple of months ago, the most watched and talked about TV Show in Hong Kong was not the latest Raymond 'Chok' Lam's new drama series, or Eric Tsang's new game show, but rather a 'Bachelorette' styled reality TV program called Bride Wannabes (盛女愛作戰). It follows the lives of five single women as they go on a conquest to find their "Mr Right". Along the way, they were giving tips by professionals on make-up, dressing, personal bearing and how to attract the opposite sex. Speed dating and matchmaking sessions were also set up for them and one of them were even given an operation to correct her crooked teeth. This ten parter series boasted a viewership of 1.7 million, which is equivalent to about 25% of the Hong Kong population during its run. 

One of the "professionals" who went on the show was this dude by the name of Santino, who claims to be a professional Relationship Adviser / Pick Up Artist. 

The skills he wanted to teach the five ladies, according to his own words, were:

"I will teach you how to recognize a good man" 
"I will teach you how to make him like you"
"How to make him cherish you"
"How to make him sacrifice for you"

So after his first appearance into the show in Episode 4, he goes on to dish some rather 'far-fetched' methods of winning over a guy.

 Tip Number 1: 45 Degrees Conversations

"Whether you are standing, or sitting"
"When talking to the guy, don't face him straight"
"Face him 45 degrees to have the conversation"
Apparently, he is so proud and sure of this '45 degrees conversation' method that he repeated it again during the show.

"When you are having a conversation, you must give others a chance"

"Face him 45 degrees"

Tip Number 2: SMS-ing the Guy

"When SMS-ing (the guy), one point to note"

"that is, your total number of words must be lesser then the guy"

"should be sent by the guy, and not you"
At this juncture, Santino's assistant, Donald, stepped in to explain why.....

"Why must I not be the last person to send the SMS?"

"Because by being the last person, your status will be lowered"

Tip Number 3: Scheduling a Date

"You should not be the person asking him out on a date"

"Wait for him to commit"

"Even when you agreed to go on a date"

"You should not accommodate his preferred timings"

"Arrange for a timing that suits you"
And his assistant steps in again...

"And you must hang up the phone earlier than him"

"When you feel that he is interested in you, then its time to hang up the phone"

Tip Number 4:  Body Language

"Now, let me teach you some simple body language"

"This is called 'Lean Back', which means you are not interested"

"If you do this, it is called 'Double Locking'" 
"This is called 'Lean In', which means you are interested"

"If he does something you don't like, then you do this"

"If he does something you like, then you 'Lean In' a little"
So, how useful were his tips to the ladies during the actual date?

"During the date, the things that Santino taught me"

"I threw them all away!!"
Bride Wannabes is currently showing on TVBJ (Starhub Ch 838) on Sundays, 10.30pm

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