Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hot Date Specialist DabinLow dishes dating tips

Hello, my name is Harrod! Last week, my Baba wrote a post on this dude called Santino, who was giving out some dating tips on a Hong Kong TV show. Me thinks his tips were very good, but they were not elaborate enough. So today, I shall attempt to elaborate more about his tips and give some real-life examples of the tips!

First, I must give myself a stylo-milo name. So here goes!

Hi, I am DabinLow. I am an Hot Date Specialist
I will teach you how to have 45 degrees conversation!
I will teach you how to set status higher and chat in MSN!
I will teach you how to lean in!

Tip Number 1: 45 Degrees Elaborated

How do you execute the 45 degrees thingy that Santino teaches? There are many many ways, let me show you some examples.

Example 1: You can stand at an angle and face 45 degrees

Example 2: You can sit down and face each other at 45 degrees

Example 3: You can ask your Baba to take a photo at 45 degrees!


Tip Number 2: MSN-ing (Update: My Baba say not called MSN-ing anymore, its now called Live Chatting)

When you are chatting on the internet, you must note two points!
One, your number of characters must be lesser than the girl you are chatting with, and
Two, you must not be the last person to reply.
I give you example:

Why you must not be the last person to reply? Cause if you are the last person, than you status will be lowered.
If you accidentally ganna lowered status, don't worry..I teach you how to change your status!


Tip Number 3: Body Language

This is called "Lean Sideways"

This is called "Lean Back"

This is called "Double Hands Up", also known as "Hip, Hip Hooray!"

This is called "Lean In"

If you are interested in the Egg Tart, then you have to "Lean In"!


That is all for today, I would teach you more hot date tips next time!!

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