Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympics 2012 - The most "TEH" female table tennis player

So I watched the 1st round qualifying of the Olympics Woman's table tennis match between Singapore and Poland. Unfortunately, Singapore's Feng Tianwei lost the first match to Poland's Li Qian, but the team managed to pull it back eventually by winning the next few matches. During this match, I discovered what I will say the most "TEH" table tennis player I've seen so far. My friend, Damien Yee, will disagree and say, I quote from his Facebook, 'kawaii anime expressions'. You can catch the match and see for yourself  here.

Here are screenshots of her "kawaii anime expressions"

Stamps feet in frustration after losing the point

Jumps in frustration after losing another point

Doing the Matrix to siam the ball

Doing a little dance after clinching a point

Chun Li victory pose after winning the game

My favorite, face palm after losing the 2nd set

What about our player, Feng Tian Wei? One screenshot summarizes all.


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