Sunday, August 26, 2012

昨天的情形 到底是怎樣

Justin Lee (李宗瑞), who is wanted by the Taiwan police for the suspected drug-rape of numerous women, including some female celebrities, surrendered himself to the Taiwanese police on 23rd Aug 2102. One of Taiwan's news channel, CTTV did an extensive coverage of the story, including showing an "exclusive" footage of him being escorted out of court. They were so proud of this so called "exclusive" footage that they had to repeat it about 100 zillion times (inclusive of zooming in and out of the video) for about 4 hours! Watch a snippet of the news to understand what I mean.

全民最大黨 naturally, did a hilarious spoof of it.

Just like what they did to Edison Chen a couple of years ago for this

With this

I simply love Taiwan news.....

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