Saturday, November 10, 2012

IncarcerApp - The Iphone / Ipad App for Parents to Lock Home Button

Most parents I know nowadays allow their kids as young as 12 months old to play with their iPad or iPhone. Kids are very fascinated with these tech devices and most of them are able to figure out how to use them at a very young age. Now the problem that most parents I talk to face when their kids use the iPad or iPhone is this.......

The Home Button!

For some reasons, kids are fascinated with this little button at the bottom of the iPad or iPhone, which exits them out of whatever application you have opened for them and into the home screen. The next thing that happens will be the kid asking the parent to go back to that application there were enjoying, usually accompanied by shouts and cries.... and the cycle goes on and on.

There is an app that allows you to disable the home screen, called "IncarcerApp". What the app does is that it allows you to disable and enable the Home button function via a pre-defined combination of keys. (for e.g. double tap home, triple tap home, volume + follow by volume -, etc). Once this series of key presses is registered, the app will disable the functionality of the Home button. 

Main settings page of IncarcerApp

Settings to indicate which key combination to disable home button.

Once the key combination is pressed, an indication will flash for a
while stating that the home button is disabled

Another key combination will re-enable the home button function.
Do note that IncarcerApp is not available from the App store, but via Cydia. This means that you will have to Jailbreak your iPad / iPhone before you are able to install this app.

Installation instructions are available here.

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